About MLP

My passion for Photography began years ago while I was in High School. I began taking pictures at the occasional wedding and doing portraits, then completed a Photography course. It continued to be a volunteer/part-time thing, while I worked during the week to pay the bills. I eventually met a wonderful woman, who agreed to marry me. Gerri saw the potential and encouraged me to put more focus (no pun intended!) into my business. She is my strongest supporter and now, my business manager as well. We have 4 wonderful children, and running my own business has blessed us in many ways. First, it has allowed us to be at home with our kids, as Gerri and I work opposite schedules (no childcare!). Second, and most important, it has allowed me to provide for my family.

Over the last 17 years, I have had a lot of fun with Photography: entering contests, doing trade shows, 2005 Jeux-Canada Games held in Regina,  and even an out of town Photography workshop with Greg Johnson. I still continue to do Portraits (family, couples, head-shots), Weddings, Baptisms, Anniversaries/Birthday Parties, Family Reunions etc...This is also the 6th season I've volunteered my time taking pictures for the Regina Thunder Football Club, which I thoroughly enjoy. Maybe that could lead me to being an official Photographer for the Saskatchewan Roughrider Organization someday? God only knows! Back to reality... It was just over 3 years ago, when I developed (again, no pun!) an interest in Real Estate Photography. Most-recently, I purchased a Matterport 3D camera, and am now able to provide clients with a 3D Interactive Virtual Tour like no other! It has really taken off and I'm enjoying a completely different level of Photography.

Michael Lasko